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Hi, my name is Esther, and I have eczema. Yup, yessir, there – I said it! Of course it’s all my fault – years of being a sample slut had taken their toll on my skin, which finally rebelled and broke out in unsightly, itchy red patches. Suitably chastised, I consulted a dermatologist and was banished to the deeply unglamorous foot fungus aisle of the chemist. Gone were the days of slick packaging, of exotic jars and scented creams. My choices were now limited to comparing prices on bulk buys. Sigh. A little part of me died.

And then…and then, a minor personal miracle. Dermalogica. Ah, even the name makes me smile. I received a five-day course of UltraCalming products, courtesy of the LaCreme team. I used the cleanser, eye serum, serum concentrate and super sensitive shield, which is a sunblock that uses mineral barriers instead of harmful chemicals. But the product that made me exclaim out loud to myself, was the ‘barrier repair cream’, which is a ‘shielding, protective moisturizer’. Words literally fail me – to call this a gel would not do it justice. It feels like some sort of sci-fi covering, that glides on like the touch of angel wings, and soothed and calmed my skin.

One week in and  my samples are running low, which makes me unhappy. But my skin is not red, which makes it happy. I can’t say that I have reversed the signs of ageing within a week, but my skin definitely feels smoother and more moisturized, and the products don’t leave any oily residue, which allows me to safely add a light base before leaving the house. The products are unscented and all work well together, and the samples are large enough so that you can get a feel for the range before committing to purchase.

For those who struggle with redness, the range also offers a redness relief primer with build-in sunblock, as well as a tinted sun-cream. I’m definitely going to invest in this range, starting with the barrier repair cream and eye serum. At my age, I need all the eye serum I can get my hands on! This range gets 5 stars in my book.