Due to the nature of my work I am often invited to wine-related functions. You know, drinks and nibbly bits. And although this sound like a dream come true, and it was indeed how I pictured my adult self whiling her days away (after watching Melanie Griffith’s  ‘Working Girl’ at an impressionable age) , it’s really not all it’s cracked up to be.

Walking into a room, already abuzz with little cliques, can be intimidating. Remembering all the names and faces, and attaching the relevant importance to each, can be another stress-factor. Who’s the who’s who, who belongs to whom – who has been recently awarded in the media, and expects a little verbal pat on the back? Ack! The pressure is just immense.

And yet, and yet…the siren song of free drinks and the little thrill of making the list always seems to win me over. So the next time you see someone by themselves in a corner, clutching a wine glass and hovering over  the snacks, why don’t you walk over and start a conversation? Who knows, you might just be rescuing me from limbo.